How to Clean Pandora Jewellery

Ever wondered how to restore luster and brilliance to your Pandora Jewellery while maintaining the beautiful oxidised details!

Connoisseurs provides a beauty regime for your Pandora, safely cleaning silver, oxidized silver, gold and precious stones. Not only are dirt and tarnished removed, but an invisible barrier is also applied to delay new tarnish forming.

Nothing beats Pandora jewellery for its style and versatility. And that’s why you like wearing Pandora charms, rings, bracelets and necklaces every day.

But the jewellery you wear daily gets dirty from constant contact with residue from make-up, soap, chlorine, lotions, and even skin oils.

That’s why to keep your Pandora looking its best you need to clean it often. And there’s no quicker or effective way to clean it than Connoisseurs: Dazzle Drops Advanced & Silver Solutions, Gold and silver Polishing Cloths and Jewellery Beauty Wipes. Perfect for gold, silver, oxidised silver and gemstones.

Dazzle Drops Advanced: Quick Beauty Bath for your Pandora jewellery. Makes 80 fresh cleaning solutions. Suitable for oxidised silver, gold, pearls and precious stones. Easy to open jar, not messy, pleasant smell, recyclable and biodegradable.

Dazzle Drops Silver: Silver jewellery cleaner that does it all — cleans, polishes and protects from tarnish build-up, thanks to Connoisseurs’ exclusive Tarnish Control Formula. Just brush, dip and dazzle! Safe for all gemstones and oxidised silver.

Gold and Silver Polishing Cloths: UltraSoft® cloths are made of thick, gentle, natural cotton — with the power of advanced cleansing technology. Consists of two layers: one cleans, the other polishes. Not only are dirt and tarnish quickly removed, but an invisible barrier is also applied to delay new tarnish from forming.

Jewellery Wipes: Just one Wipe makes your jewellery look like new. Jewellery Wipes come in a convenient compact case—perfect for putting in your purse. They’re dry, disposable, and easy to use for daily use.

Also can be used to touch up after cleaning with Connoisseurs Silver and Gold Polishing Cloths and Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops for Jewellery and Silver.

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